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1.  Select a video from below.

2.  Play it for your child.

3.  Pat yourself on the back.

lost tooth away from home

What if you lose your tooth when you’re not home?

Just like Santa, we Tooth Fairies have special ways of finding you.

lost their first tooth

How to prepare for their first Tooth Fairy visit.

Losing their first tooth is exciting! That means they get their very own Tooth Fairy assigned to them.

inspire them to prepare

Why the Tooth Fairy needs their room to be tidy.

Flying around in the dark in a strange room can be tricky!

tooth still under pillow

She just hid their treat somewhere else.

The money isn’t under their pillow because it’s in a different spot!

why she didn't show up

The Tooth Fairy slept through her alarm.

Sometimes even Tooth Fairies are too tired to get to work on time.

she got lost

The Tooth Fairy had the wrong address.

Visiting dozens of homes each night can make it tricky when trying to remember addresses.

forgot to grab tooth

Don’t worry, the Tooth Fairy will try again tonight!

On her way to your house, she ran into a little trouble, so she will try again tonight!

they didn't tell an adult

You didn’t tell a grown-up that you lost your tooth.

Tooth Fairies find out about where to fly because grown-ups know exactly how to contact them.

when she forgets to come...again

Your Tooth Fairy forgot to show up…again!

Did your Tooth Fairy forget to show up more than once? It’s time to take action!

Behind-the-scenes of filming Tooth Fairy Excuse #4:  ‘I’m sorry I didn’t show up last night. I had the wrong address!’


I like it when she laughs and says sorry! And when she is singing to me. I will go open my door for her right now!


I didn't know that Fairy Meadow was a Tooth Fairy?! She was at my birthday! She is talking to me now in the computer!


Well, I would just like to tell her that it's ok if she comes back and tries again. She looks nice in there!


That is who she is! The fairy in there is who she is. I like her like that.